Friday, June 10, 2005

My name is Dita! I'll be your mistress tonight!

My friend said it couldn't be done but I did it! I had taken him to one of my romance writing group meetings a few months ago and after the meeting he said, "All of your heroes are these big, buff guys with long hair and they're young. You have never written a story about a regular guy like me." And he was right. So I set out to write an erotic romance where my hero was short, stocky, balding and older. Think Danny DeVito/Louie DePalmer. First time I wrote the story, it was about 2000 words. I submitted it to the first contest and it didn't make it to the finals. So then I decided to expand it. I sent it to Erotique Press and they accepted it...okay, that was after some minor changes, but it was accepted! So maybe people do want to read about an average Joe who still gets the girl. At least I'm hoping they do. So now I'm going to be working on the revisions this weekend. As soon as I get an approved final draft I'll post an excerpt on my site.

And I also felt inspired to write the sequel to "Adam and E-V-E". I'm calling this one "C-A-I-N and A-B-E-L". I'm sure I'm going to Hell with all of this but I'm going to have a hell of a story to tell when I get there! *LOL* Again, as soon as I clean up my first draft, I'll post.

Okay, running late for work. Blah! Hope you all enjoy the rest of your day! Fellow Phaze author, Laura Bacchi and I are going to go drinking tomorrow night. Everyone, get your bail money together!

Stay sexy!


short fat guy said...

as the typical average joe I like your story. course i believe in aliens, and santa claus also lol and oh by the way there was plenty of eye candy at the park for us guys too!! yum yum!i would normally lay out a bundle to see all that at a titty bar lol

Bridget Midway said...

Glad you had a good time at White Tail too. Were you arrested from all of that ogling?