Wednesday, October 05, 2005

When it rains, it pours! And I love being wet!

Talk about your amazing months! Okay, so we're only in the 4th day of October. But I'm telling you, it's already starting off to being an awesome month.

Hmmm, where should I start first? Oh! Let's talk about my cover for my novella "Public Domain". It's that big colorful thing to your left. *LOL* I love it! Thanks again, Jinger Heaston, for doing a wonderful job. Sometimes as a writer, you write something and put it away for a while and don't read it until weeks or months later. I hadn't read "Public Domain" for a couple of weeks and I reread the opening. I couldn't believe how accurate Jinger got with the picture and how much it matched the opening of the story. I kid you not when I say I was literally reading and flipping back to the cover to compare. *LOL* Yeah, I have no life.

Okay, so I get this really cool cover. So then what? So now this cool story with the cool cover has just been released through Ocean's Mist Press! The book came out on October 3rd. Uh, yeah. I know I'm a day late. So sue me. No, really don't sue me. I have no money. But I do have it on good authority that sales are going well. I'm glad people are digging the cover and, especially, the story. If you're interested in reading an excerpt, you can check it out on both the Ocean's Mist Press site and on my website at

If that wasn't exciting enough, I have more great news! Midnight Showcase offered me not 1, not 2 but 3 contracts! Two contracts are for erotica short stories that I had written for the contest but neither made it as a finalist. And Midnight Showcase also accepted my full-length interracial erotic romance Interpersonal Skills. I'm thrilled about this because my work will be in print! Can you believe it? I would love to be able to sign this book at the In The Pink signing in November.

So what's next? Well I FINALLY did my edits for "Chances", my erotic romance for Erotique Press. Still not sure when it will come out but hey, at least that's done. I also found out who my editor will be for...oh, wait, I haven't shared that news yet.

Next big news is that Liquid Silver Books offered me a contract for another full-length erotic romance called That's What Friends Are For. Okay, NOW I can share that news. I just found out who my editor for this book will be and I can tell we're going to get along great. She gets my sense of humor! That's rare, let me tell ya'. Again, I really hope the book is out by signing time but I don't think it will be. :(

So now I've been promoting my butt off for "Public Domain". I'm hoping it's a hit. I would love for it to reach 100 sales. Oh, and vote for me on Erotic Romance Reviews for Women to win the Golden Shoe Awards. I'm losing right now but I'm losing to my dear friend, Laura Bacchi so I'm way cool with that.

I'll try not to stay away from my blog. I'm trying to get better. If I misbehave again, just give me a spanking. Oh! That reminds me. I went to a T.I.E.D. demonstration where we learned...oh, wait. Maybe I should save that for another time. *S*

Stay sexy,


Laura Bacchi said...

If I win, I'll give you one of the shoes. Not sure what good that'll do you, but isn't that what friends are for?

Oh wait, don't we just win one shoe? I guess your screwed! LOL But then again, you'd like that ;)

Bridget Midway said...

Ah, you know me so well, Bacchiboo! *LOL*


JENNA said...

TAG! Check out my blog busy girl.

Laura said...

You go girl! Sounds like you're on fire!!