Sunday, June 25, 2006

Me and "The Girls"

Oh, and Laura Bacchi (middle) and Shara Lanel (right) were there too. *LOL* Hey, I had to use all of my means to sell books! This picture is from our group signing, Wicked Words, at The Love Shack in Newport News, Virginia. We had an absolutely wonderful time. Thanks to Karen with The Love Shack for allowing us space in the store for a few hours while we sold our smut. *LOL* Actually I'm the smut peddler. The other two authors are quite gifted.

And speaking of gifted authors, big, huge, honking congratulations to Laura Bacchi who won Liquid Silver Books' Molten Silver contest with her entry Topping Tora. I've read a portion of this book. Trust me. It's hot! I have no shame in admitting that Laura Bacchi is the kind of author I avoid reading her books before I write. It's because she's so damn good I always feel I can't measure up to her. I'll contend with anyone that Laura writes the best sexual tension of anyone out there. And her sex scenes are incredible. She's the author to watch. Trust me. And I'm really thrilled that her book is an interracial romance! Whoo! Hoo!

Right now I'm working on a proposal for New Concepts Publishing. I'm into chapter 3. Keep your fingers crossed that the editor digs it enough to contract it. Sistagirl needs some money!

Okay, I have lots to do today so I really have to go. More pics and news later on.

Stay sexy!