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Sex Scene Saturday: Princess and Erik

For this week's Sex Scene Saturday is a steamy scene with hot dominants Princess and Erik, or as they're known in the BDSM world Mistress Agony and Master Pain, from my contemporary interracial BDSM erotic romance novel Corporate Needs available in ebook and print through Phaze Books.

Wearing the drawstring white pants he’d just played in, he padded down the long hallway to Princess’s room. Between steps, intermittent images of Princess flashed in his mind. Princess in her leather skirt. Princess in her sundress. Slipping a corset on her and tightening it around her body, her breasts, cinching in her tiny waist.

By the time he got to her door, sweat rolled down his back. He pounded her door with his fist.

Princess swung it open with as much fervor. “Are you crazy? Why are you pounding on my door like that?”

The door next to hers opened. Dipshit stood with his hands up like a begging dog and a leash hanging from his mouth.

“Not now.” She pointed to her pet.

Dipshit sulked back into his room.

Princess stepped backwards into her room. Erik took that as an invitation.

“That was a rotten thing to do to your client.” Erik strained to keep his gaze from dropping down to check out her body hidden underneath a billowy but short yellow dress. “He needed you.”

“Verbal humiliation is his thing.” Princess adopted the same stance as Erik, arms crossed and angry. “I know you didn’t march all the way over here to lecture me on how I treat my sub, right? Besides, I’m the one who needs to be mad at you.”

Erik felt every wrinkle on his forehead crease even harder. “Mad at me for what? Ever since you’ve met me, you’ve intruded on my life. First you heckle me at my first demonstration.”

“You stole my BDSM name.” She pointed her finger at him.

“Do you really think that you are the only one in the BDSM community with the name Mistress Pain?”

“I spelled it in a cute way, P-A-Y-N-E.”

“It all sounds the same.” Damn, she was cute when she said that. Erik continued, “Then you interrupted my exercising session this morning. And the last straw was when you barged in during my scene. What in the world could I have done that would make you mad at me, especially with everything you’ve done to me so far?”

“Because of all of the crap you said at breakfast, I hardly had an appetite during lunch.”

“You mean during your date?”

“It wasn’t a date.” She flipped her braids off her shoulder. “Why do you seem to care what I do with another employee here? Shouldn’t you be worried about your own business?”

Erik smiled. “When I become your supervisor, this will be one of my concerns.”

She glowered and shook her head. “Eat shit. You storm in this place like you own it and everything in here, and now you want to tell me what to do. Is that why you came down here? You wanted to keep gloating?”

He put his hands on his waist. “No. I wanted to tell you that your little intrusion earlier before my session made me break my concentration. In the twenty years I’ve been a Dom, I’ve never broken my concentration during a play session.”

“And you’re blaming me for that?” Princess chuckled and took a couple of steps toward him, closing in on the gap between them. “And just what were you thinking about, Master Pain?”

Erik’s heartbeat accelerated. Staring at her mouth, the curve of her breast under her dress, the smoothness of her dark skin, he felt so out of control. He watched her body, scanning it for clues, signs, any sort of indication that a reaction from him would be welcomed.

So far Princess had mirrored his actions…until now. After making her inquiry, her gaze dropped. The motion lasted less than a millisecond, but long enough for someone who studied the human body, both as a job and as a lifestyle, to catch the change in attitude. She wrung her hands together as though anticipating something, a command from him maybe.

Light streaming from her window projected through her thin dress to show off her dark areolas. As though he willed it, her nipples hardened. He caught her breath quickening. He watched her pink tongue sliding over her plump bottom lip.

In one smooth motion, Erik framed her face and pressed his lips against hers. As he suspected, they were soft, supple, seductive. She moaned, at least he hoped that noise that groaned through her throat constituted as a moan and not a grunt or any other noise made out of disgust.

His thumbs caressed her cheeks. Her skin matched the feeling of smooth velvet. The texture forced him to imagine what her pussy would feel like with his cock inside of her, sliding in and out. What would she taste like? Would she submit to him?

Submit? Christ, what was he doing? Erik jerked back at the same time that the realization hit him that he was kissing a co-worker, another Dominant.

“Shit!” Erik stared at Princess.

With her eyes wide and her mouth agape, Princess looked as stunned as Erik felt. “Fuck!”

He raked his fingers through his hair, but never broke eye contact with her. “Shit.” How the hell would he explain the kiss to Win? He would have to tell him. If he didn’t, Princess would.

Princess covered her mouth as she left her gaze directed to the floor. “Fuck.”

When she peered up to stare at him—not with shock, but with wonder, like she pondered over possibilities, like Erik had been doing since he’d entered the room—his cock began to engorge.

“Shit.” Why was he so panicked? He and Princess were adults. They hadn’t broken any laws or rules. They shared a moment of mutual attraction satisfied by the kiss.

Princess ran her hands over her stomach and down her legs, gripping the hem of her dress once her hands reached it. “Fuck.”

Now what she said didn’t sound like a pissed off explicative. If Erik wasn’t mistaken, she made it sound like a request.

“Shit.” He’d be a fool to turn away from her…if she, indeed, did want him.

Being a Dominant, she gripped the ties on his pants and pulled them to undo them. “Fuck.”

“Shit.” The hell with it. Erik pushed Princess against the wall next to the door.

As she pushed his pants down, he hoisted her dress up to her waist, revealing that she wore nothing underneath. At her height, he had to scoop her under her ass and elevate her high enough to plunge inside of her.

With one hand holding her, and one leg wrapped around his hips, Erik dipped his fingers in between her pussy lips and found her completely wet as well as clean-shaven.

Princess reached down and wrapped her fingers around his shaft. “Fuck.” Her eyes widened as though she hadn’t expected him to be hard, or maybe it was the size.

Erik didn’t care about what she must have thought. Her touch alone almost made him come. “Shit.” No time to wait or waste.

Erik helped Princess guide the head of his cock to her awaiting hole. In one thrust he pushed inside of her tightness.

“Fuck!” She gripped his shoulders, tightened her legs around him, and curved her hips to allow him a deeper access.

“Shit!” Erik thrust in and out of her. He had imagined she would be tight. What he experienced blew him away.

Most women he’d had sex with felt as though their bodies were made for him. Not Princess. Nothing about her seemed tailor-made for him. Not her height, not her style, not her manner. But, damn if this didn’t feel good. It felt so right.

As he pumped in and out of her, he wrapped her braids around his hand and pulled her head back, making her look up at him, yield to him, realize that if she wanted this, she would belong to him.

In turn, Princess fisted his hair. Each time he tugged her hair, she yanked his until their tug-of-war almost became comical.

Erik dipped his head down far enough to lick her long neck. When he got up to her chin, she pulled his hair up so that she could direct him to her lips. Hungrily, he devoured her mouth, nipping at her bottom lip and invading her mouth with his tongue.

She accepted everything he did, not one whimper, not one cry, not one complaint. Not that he had expected her to do so.

Erik gripped the skinny strap of her dress and pulled it down, exposing her breast. He wanted to suckle it, nibble on her pert nipple, make her cry out for more. Instead he massaged it in his hand. He rolled her hardened nipple around his thumb until she emitted a moan. Then he placed her sensitive pebble between his thumb and index finger and squeezed it.

The pressure caused her to scream, “Fuck!”

Her inner vaginal walls constricted around his cock.

“Shit!” Erik felt her need. He knew she would have to come soon, and damn if he didn’t want to as well.

He stared into her eyes. In that moment—both of them panting, in such great need and desire, ready to explode—they shared an unspoken conversation about what would happen after all of this.

From the light he saw now fading from her eyes, he knew she saw no future between them. If he gauged her reaction correctly, Erik should have been relieved. He’d weakened, and, better yet, he got Princess to crumble. He could use that to his advantage, especially for that dungeon master position.

He gave her nipple another hard squeeze, this time sustaining it until, with legs thrashing and her fingernails raking his bare back, she came hard. Her legs twitched as Erik had his own release deep inside of her. He held himself still, holding his breath until his legs quaked and his lungs burned. Every muscle tensed as though working in concert for this one act, this one orgasm.

After a beat, Erik released a long breath and kissed the side of Princess’s face.

When he brought his head up, he stared at her and she stared back at him. At the same time she said, “Fuck” when he said, “Shit.”

A soft rapping sounded at Princess’s door. “Go away, Dipshit.”

“Um, this is Winston.”

Erik pulled out of Princess and helped her regain her footing on the floor. The sound of Winston’s voice sobered Erik to the reality of what just happened.

Winston said through the door, “I need to see you in my office. Now.”

Princess glanced at Erik. “Okay. I’ll be there in a bit.”

Erik listened for Winston’s heavy footfalls to know when he walked away.

A few seconds later, Erik heard, “And Erik, you come along with her, okay?”


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Sex Scene Saturday: Eminence and Tank

This week's offering is a steamy excerpt of Eminence and Tank's love -- or lust -- featured in "Last Call" through Whispers Publishing.

Tank hated himself for succumbing to his primal urges. When he got in a room alone with Eminence, he’d forgotten what a strong pull she had over him. As soon as he pressed his lips on hers, time reverted back to the very last occasion he’d kissed her. He didn’t remember her lips being as supple. Her breasts had gotten bigger, firmer.

Please, God, don’t let them be fake.

When he slipped his tongue into her mouth, Eminence pushed him back. Too much, too soon, too bad.

“What the hell?” She reared her hand back and delivered a solid smack across his face. “After all of this time, did you seriously expect that I would just forget everything that’s happened and welcome you with open arms?”

Tank didn’t say anything, mainly because he didn’t register what Eminence had said. Inside of his body, he battled against wanting to tell her off and stripping her down and fucking her raw.

Eminence planted her hands on her hips and shook her head. “Now I get it. You and Jordie are still together.” She snickered. “Should have figured.” Then she snatched her purse from the desk. “I hope the two of you have a great life together.” She turned to the door.

Seeing Eminence walk away from him again snapped Tank out of his lusty haze. As a scared kid protecting a friend, he’d let her disappear from his life once. As a man who had had his integrity questioned, the hell if he would let that happen again without speaking his mind.

“No, you don’t.” Tank ran around to the door and blocked her path. “You’re going to listen to me. And don’t interrupt me.”

“You don’t know me to—”

Tank framed her face in his hands then pressed his lips onto hers. She tried pushing him off, but he wouldn’t budge. As he kissed her, he walked her back to a corner in the office. He blocked her path by planting his arms on either sides of her.

“You have false imprisonment started on your list of charges. Keep racking them up.” Defiant as always, Eminence crossed her arms over her chest again and pursed her full lips.

Mistake. If she didn’t want to be kissed again, she should definitely draw her sexy lips back. “What are you, a lawyer now?” He attempted to gain eye contact, but Eminence kept her gaze moving around, from the ceiling to the floor to over his shoulder.

“If I were, you would be in deep shit.” She propped one foot against the wall in order to jut out her knee to keep a barrier between them.

“I know what you saw that day with me and Jordyna.” Tank lowered his voice. “But it wasn’t what you think.”

“I’ll tell you what I saw. I saw my former best friend trying to fuck my man, and my man with his tongue down her throat.” Eminence poked Tank’s chest with her index finger.

He noticed that she peered down at her hand and that she felt his chest again as though trying to check its legitimacy. To encourage her to feel more, Tank flexed his chest muscles.

Eminence swallowed hard, peered up at Tank, then drew her hand back while jutting her chin out again.

“That’s not what happened. J came to me as a friend to talk about something personal. I was comforting her when you walked in.”

“Comforting? Is that what you kids called it?”

To silence her, Tank kissed Eminence again. She didn’t stop him, didn’t struggle. Perhaps she started to succumb to him. Surely he started to fall under her unintended spell.

When he pulled back, he said, “Nothing else happened.”

With a shaky voice, Eminence asked, “If that’s the case, why didn’t you come after me and tell me all of this right there and then? You let me go.”

Tank bowed his head. Not going after Eminence that day had been the biggest regret of his life. But he had a fragile friend to soothe. With what she told him, he couldn’t leave her. At the time, he thought Eminence would wait for him, that he would have time to explain. Time had escaped him. She wouldn’t escape him now.

“What she told me wasn’t for me to share. If you want to know what happened, you’ll have to ask her yourself.”


When Tank arrested her mouth with his, he managed to slide his tongue into hers. This time she didn’t pull away. Her body melded to his. She lowered her foot and welcomed his body.

When she placed her hand on his shoulder, she, at first, started to push him back. Then she curved her hand behind his arm and pulled him forward. It wasn’t until she allowed a small moan to creep through her throat that she sobered to the situation.

Eminence turned her head. “So that’s sexual assault to be added to your charges.”

“Really?” Tank lowered his hands to grasp her thighs. “Then I had better make this good. I would hate to go to jail for nothing.”

When he stood, he slid his hands under her miniscule skirt.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Eminence asked the question in an indignant manner. However, she didn’t stop him. She rested her hands on top of his forearms as though encouraging him to do what he’d planned on doing next.

“Checking to see if you’re still a thong girl.” He hooked his fingers into the sides of her panties. “Just tell me later.” He pulled them down then pressed her back against the wall.

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Sex Scene Saturday: Master Z and Flutter

From "Carried Away" a contemporary interracial BDSM erotic romance novella on sale from Whispers Publishing.

Xander walked toward her. He couldn’t resist the pull, the overwhelming attraction. “So you don’t want to dance?”

As she kept her stare directly on his eyes, she shook her head again, slower and more deliberate. She released the shoes she held, letting them fall to the floor with a crash.

“Tell me what you want.”

When her back hit the wall behind her, Summer wasted no time in snaking her hand the back of his head. She pulled his head down and kissed him hard enough to not mistake her intention.

Xander felt her lips parting. Before her tongue could slide out, he pulled back from her but still kept the proximity.

“Tell me.” He growled the request again. “What do you want, Summer?” He’d almost slipped and called her by her scene name. He licked her upper lip as her mouth moved like she wanted to speak but couldn’t. “Tell me what you want.”

Breathlessly, she said, “Kiss me. Touch me.” She placed his hands on her hips. “Fuck me.”

Summer stating her needs so brazenly made his cock hard enough to drive nails through oak. Xander slipped his hands over her smooth-as-silk thighs up to her panties. He hooked his fingers into the sides of them and pulled them down her legs.

Before he could touch her intimately, Summer pulled at his shirt and attempted to get it over his head. He helped her, pulling off the garment and tossing it to the floor. Then he grabbed her hands into both of his and held them over her head against the wall with one hand.
Xander stared into her eyes to gauge her reaction. When she seemed more excited than scared, he continued, crushing his lips against hers.
He slid his tongue into her mouth, teasing the tip of hers with his. With his free hand, he cupped her breast through her dress.

“Xander.” Between kisses, she whispered his name.

From her lips, it sounded heavenly.

He let her go long enough to take off her dress. Underneath she had on flesh-colored lace bra. Her areolas showed off nicely through the fabric. When he gazed down, he found her completely shaven—just like he wanted.

“Beautiful.” Xander reached behind her to undo her bra.

Summer wriggled out of the garment and tossed it on top of her discarded dress. He bent over and captured one delectable orb into his mouth. He thought her lips tasted sweet. Her flesh made him want to devour her even more. Xander brushed his teeth over her nipple.

Summer gasped and raked her nails over his bare back.

He slipped his fingers over her nether lips, slick with her juices. Her pungent aroma matched the sweet ocean smell. Summer moved her hips back and forth in concert with his manipulations.

Xander slipped one finger inside her tight hole, eliciting an audible gasp. As he moved his mouth over to her other tit, he slipped a second finger into her tight pussy. Her thick inner walls gripped his digits, a preview for what his cock would experience.

Summer’s knees buckled. Before she could hit the floor, Xander pulled his fingers from her dampness and swept her up in his arms.

“No.” Summer shook her head. “More. Please.”

Xander kissed her forehead. “Trust me. You’ll get more.”

"Carried Away" blurb:

What happens when you can’t face your perfect man?

Summer Carter faces that dilemma as her two best friends, Kathryn Maynard and Leya Greenwood, convince her to honor their pact and take her adventure. She flees to a tropical Hawaiian paradise when she can’t face her online Dom, Xander. The reality of the relationship and what she really wants in a man is too much for her to face.

Xander Houston never saw himself as a Dom who would need to look for a submissive on a personals site. But when he encounters a witty and intriguing profile for a submissive named End of Summer, he strikes up a fast friendship with her. Months later, she still refuses to meet him face to face, and he tells her he’s going to take a break.

Coincidentally, both end up in Hawaii on separate vacations. When Xander finds her and figures out who she is, he cooks up a plan to sweep her off her feet, not as a Dom, but just as Xander.

When Summer discovers the truth, will she run away from her secret Dom or will she allowed herself to get carried away?

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