Tuesday, January 31, 2006

It's not personal. Just business.

The wait is over! Hey, haven't I said that line before? Oh yeah, less than a week ago! Yikes! I didn't know Fascination Street, my release through Venus Press, and Corporate Seduction through Midnight Showcase would be released so close to each other. I haven't even gotten a review back yet for Fascination Street. But it's all good. The back-to-back releases make it seem like I'm a prolific writer, which I'm not. I swear I'm not. Just the luck of the draw.

I am very happy with this release for several reasons. First of all, you, the readers, have been asking for the release of this book for several months. I'm glad it's out there for you all to enjoy. I'm also thrilled that this is my very first book that's offered in print. You know what that means. Yep, I'll have print copies to sign when I go to the Romantic Times convention in May. If you're there, come on by and see me. I'll be the one behind those great looking pecs on the cover. Purrr!

Okay, I have to get back to work. I never rest.

Stay sexy!


Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Wisteria Lane ain't got sh*t on me!

I am dancing on a cloud, skipping on air, dancing with the pool boy, any analogy you want to use to describe how absolutely elated I am that my full-length interracial erotica (or erotic romance) Fascination Street has been released. Now I know what you're saying. "Why did Bridget say, 'or erotic romance'? Doesn't she know what she wrote?" Of course I do, silly! The story is about a couple that moves to a small cul-de-sac where everyone swings...and I don't mean on a swing set either. Well, I guess I could have included that scene in the book, but I'm digressing. There is a romance of sorts in the book but it's not the traditional kind.

Anyway, I'm so excited that my book is out. Now I'll have to wait and see how the sales are and what the reviewers say. *gulp* Someone hold my hand.

Stay sexy,

Friday, January 13, 2006

Wanna see something scary?

All I have to say is Jinger Heaston is the shiznit! Look at that cover! For my first interracial erotic romantic suspense (try saying that 5 times fast), that cover really knocks it out the park.

To catch you all up to speed, my novel through Ocean's Mist Press called Silly Fears is about a woman who is deathly afraid of, you guessed it, clowns. She thought she was over the fear until her cousin, the owner of a traveling circus, brings a clown act to her kindergarten classroom. Little does she know her dream man is underneath the garish clown makeup. Or will he be her nightmare?

The symbol on the upper left hand corner of the cover is an actual voodoo symbol. Don't ask me what it means. I'm just telling you what my cover artist told me. Okay, now listen to that Godsmack song called "Voodoo" and look at this cover. I guarantee you'll grab the person next to you and won't let him/her go. Hey! That's an idea! Gotta go, folks. I have someone I need to grab. "Honey, save me from that awful clown!"

Stay sexy,

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Hot diggity damn!

Cover artist Jinger Heaston knocked another one out of the park! She did my cover for "Public Domain" through Ocean's Mist Press, and now look at my spiffy new cover for my full-length contemporary interracial erotic romance called Corporate Seduction through Midnight Showcase. For some of you die-hard fans out there who have been eagerly waiting the arrival of Interpersonal Skills through the same publisher, don't worry. Corporate Seduction and Interpersonal Skills are the same story. The publisher, my editor and I changed the title to entice you even more. *wink*

I'm assuming this book will still be out in February 2006. I've finished the edits. As you can see, the cover is done. Jinger has to work on the back cover but that's all. I guess Jewel (the Midnight Showcase publisher) will have to do some administrative stuff first (ISBN, etc.) then it'll be good to go. I can't wait for this book to be released. AND it will be in ebook and print for those of you who prefer your books in print.

Okay, I have some writing to do. But don't let me stop you from staring at the cover model's pecks and abs. Keep drooling away and I'll keep writing.

Stay sexy,

Wednesday, January 11, 2006


So what did I resolve in the new year? Not to make anymore damn resolutions. *sigh* I say that every year and every year I end up doing the same thing. I resolve to, say, eat healthier. I'm good for a few weeks then I'm back to my old habits.

Some old habits die hard, don't they? There are some habits I want to keep, maintain. I'm going to keep writing and being as prolific as possible. Writing makes me feel good. It's also good to see readers respond to me. You all fuel me. For that, I thank you.

So what did you all resolve in the new year? Lose weight? Quit smoking? More sex? Share. I won't tell. *S*

Stay sexy,

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Here, there and everywhere!

I'm all over the web, folks. I'm a 'net ho. Is that possible? *LOL* First I'm in the Preditors and Editors' Readers' poll under best author site (did I tell you that JERR loves my site?) and under best short story-other category for "Walls". Click this link http://www.critters.org/predpoll/ to vote. You can also vote for your favorite publisher, cover artist and editor.

Literary Nymphs has Phaze as Publisher of the Month for January 2006. Not a bad way to start the year, huh? In with the profile, they have a poll on who's your favorite Phaze author. Come on. I don't ask for much, do I? Just throw a dog a bone. Please? http://www.geocities.com/literarynymphs/featured_publisher_Jan_06 Actually it looks like it's between me, Robin Slick and Eden Bradley. But the month isn't over yet so we'll have to wait to see what happens.

Okay, I'm off to work. Blah! Oh! Before I forget. Go to my website, http://www.BridgetMidway.com/ and check out my Contests page. I'm running a 2nd contest for Fascination Street called "How Well Do You Know the Neighbors"? And you thought pop quizzes only happened in school. Hey, at least this is open book, er, website. *S*

Stay sexy,