Thursday, January 05, 2006

Here, there and everywhere!

I'm all over the web, folks. I'm a 'net ho. Is that possible? *LOL* First I'm in the Preditors and Editors' Readers' poll under best author site (did I tell you that JERR loves my site?) and under best short story-other category for "Walls". Click this link to vote. You can also vote for your favorite publisher, cover artist and editor.

Literary Nymphs has Phaze as Publisher of the Month for January 2006. Not a bad way to start the year, huh? In with the profile, they have a poll on who's your favorite Phaze author. Come on. I don't ask for much, do I? Just throw a dog a bone. Please? Actually it looks like it's between me, Robin Slick and Eden Bradley. But the month isn't over yet so we'll have to wait to see what happens.

Okay, I'm off to work. Blah! Oh! Before I forget. Go to my website, and check out my Contests page. I'm running a 2nd contest for Fascination Street called "How Well Do You Know the Neighbors"? And you thought pop quizzes only happened in school. Hey, at least this is open book, er, website. *S*

Stay sexy,

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