Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Close but no cigar!

I was REALLY hoping to have four new releases before I went to the Romantic Times Convention a couple of weeks ago. I got close. Two works were released either before I left for the convention or the day I got there. They were "Foolish Games" through Erotique Press and Silly Fears through Ocean's Mist Press. And one was just released (albeit quietly) a couple of days ago. That's my short erotic story, "Suburbia" through Phaze. The couple in the story is married and they have sex with each other. Hard to believe coming from me, huh? *LOL* The next release should be C-A-I-N and A-B-E-L, my long-awaited (at least by me) sequel to "Adam and E-V-E". I can hardly wait to see the cover. Stacey L. King, publisher and basic Jill-of-all-trades, did such a great job with my "Adam and E-V-E" cover.

I have some other great news, too! I just signed my contract with Midnight Showcase to not only do the sequel to Corporate Seduction but to make this into a Corporate Trilogy! That's right, folks. Three books surrounding big business, BDSM and sex! I had no idea the publishers wanted a trilogy. I knew they wanted a sequel. And I have the working titles already. Corporate Desires, this will be Madame Z's story, and Corporate Needs. I'm thinking of making this Princess's story. For those who have read the book, don't you want to know what Princess does for work now?

I also just signed a contract for one of my novellas to appear in an anthology called Distant Lovers through Reality Press! My story is called "Service Recall". It's about a newly-divorced African-American woman who, by chance, has plumbing work done by an old high school crush. Or was it by chance? Hmmm. I'll never tell. Moohaahaahaa!

Okay, kiddies, Mama's gotta get to work. I owe stories to 4 different publishers. It's nice to be wanted.

Stay sexy,


Thursday, May 11, 2006

Is it possible?

Just a week before I head out to the Romantic Times Convention in Daytona Beach, Florida, I'm told by three of my publishers that they'll be releasing my work either right before or the day of the convention! Count 'em, folks. It'll be FOUR works out! Erotique Press will be releasing "Foolish Games." Have you all seen that cover? Just look to your right and stop drooling. *LOL* The story is about two friends who do this sort of sexual game of "Truth or Dare" every year, only one friend is getting sort of tired of playing and wants to have the real thing. Don't you just hate it when things get all serious on you?

My next release will be my short story with Phaze called "Suburbia." Now have you all seen that cover? Since it's a shorty and a non-theme Phaze work, it gets the standard short story cover and not a special cover. But I actually like it because the duo on the cover does remind me of the characters in the story. The hero, Jason, is African-American and the heroine is White. The story is about a woman who is afraid she and her husband have lost that special spark in their marriage and she tries ANYTHING to get it back again. I guess you can say this is my version of "Desperate Housewives." Don't gasp in horror. I still haven't seen an episode of that show. I know. I know. Just me and the other people who live under rocks. I get it.

The third release may be coming out Monday, May 15th. You all have read about this book before. It's what I've been calling my clown erotica story. No, the clowns don't have sex. I promise you. It's called "Silly Fears" and it's about a woman who has a fear of clowns. She meets a man who has swept her off of her feet but who is a constant prankster. When strange things start happening around her, she wonders if he's the cause. Don't you hate when that happens? When the cute guy you've been doing could be doing you harm? Always the case, isn't it? The best guys are either married or prank-pulling murderers. Agh!

The last potential release is my long-awaited (okay, maybe just by me) follow-up to my very first published work ever called "Adam and E-V-E." The sequel is called C-A-I-N and A-B-E-L. It's another science fiction tale, this time about the doctor that helped create E-V-E. She's been left in charge to make sure two more cyborgs like E-V-E that she named C-A-I-N and A-B-E-L are fit to fight in their next war. Only if the two weren't so damned sexy! She has a hard time letting them go. When the book comes out, you'll see why.

Anyway, my publisher said that she would literally format my story on the plane ride to Florida and burn disks in her hotel room at the convention. Is that wild or what? Sorry, folks. I don't have the cover for this one yet otherwise I would put it up. I'm hoping it's just as great as "Adam and E-V-E." I still love looking at that cover.

I find it amazing that I'm sort of coming full circle. Last year at my very first Romantic Times Convention, I had my first book come out the day before I flew out to St. Louis, Missouri. And now the sequel to that book is coming out during this year's convention also. I'll say it, folks. It's been a very good year!

For those going to the convention, I hope to see you! I'll be signing as Bridget Midway so I'm hoping to be smack dab in between Cait Miller and Liddy Midnight. Can't wait to see Liddy again. She's a hoot and a half!

Stay sexy!