Saturday, May 12, 2012

Sex Scene Saturday: Master Z and Flutter

From "Carried Away" a contemporary interracial BDSM erotic romance novella on sale from Whispers Publishing.

Xander walked toward her. He couldn’t resist the pull, the overwhelming attraction. “So you don’t want to dance?”

As she kept her stare directly on his eyes, she shook her head again, slower and more deliberate. She released the shoes she held, letting them fall to the floor with a crash.

“Tell me what you want.”

When her back hit the wall behind her, Summer wasted no time in snaking her hand the back of his head. She pulled his head down and kissed him hard enough to not mistake her intention.

Xander felt her lips parting. Before her tongue could slide out, he pulled back from her but still kept the proximity.

“Tell me.” He growled the request again. “What do you want, Summer?” He’d almost slipped and called her by her scene name. He licked her upper lip as her mouth moved like she wanted to speak but couldn’t. “Tell me what you want.”

Breathlessly, she said, “Kiss me. Touch me.” She placed his hands on her hips. “Fuck me.”

Summer stating her needs so brazenly made his cock hard enough to drive nails through oak. Xander slipped his hands over her smooth-as-silk thighs up to her panties. He hooked his fingers into the sides of them and pulled them down her legs.

Before he could touch her intimately, Summer pulled at his shirt and attempted to get it over his head. He helped her, pulling off the garment and tossing it to the floor. Then he grabbed her hands into both of his and held them over her head against the wall with one hand.
Xander stared into her eyes to gauge her reaction. When she seemed more excited than scared, he continued, crushing his lips against hers.
He slid his tongue into her mouth, teasing the tip of hers with his. With his free hand, he cupped her breast through her dress.

“Xander.” Between kisses, she whispered his name.

From her lips, it sounded heavenly.

He let her go long enough to take off her dress. Underneath she had on flesh-colored lace bra. Her areolas showed off nicely through the fabric. When he gazed down, he found her completely shaven—just like he wanted.

“Beautiful.” Xander reached behind her to undo her bra.

Summer wriggled out of the garment and tossed it on top of her discarded dress. He bent over and captured one delectable orb into his mouth. He thought her lips tasted sweet. Her flesh made him want to devour her even more. Xander brushed his teeth over her nipple.

Summer gasped and raked her nails over his bare back.

He slipped his fingers over her nether lips, slick with her juices. Her pungent aroma matched the sweet ocean smell. Summer moved her hips back and forth in concert with his manipulations.

Xander slipped one finger inside her tight hole, eliciting an audible gasp. As he moved his mouth over to her other tit, he slipped a second finger into her tight pussy. Her thick inner walls gripped his digits, a preview for what his cock would experience.

Summer’s knees buckled. Before she could hit the floor, Xander pulled his fingers from her dampness and swept her up in his arms.

“No.” Summer shook her head. “More. Please.”

Xander kissed her forehead. “Trust me. You’ll get more.”

"Carried Away" blurb:

What happens when you can’t face your perfect man?

Summer Carter faces that dilemma as her two best friends, Kathryn Maynard and Leya Greenwood, convince her to honor their pact and take her adventure. She flees to a tropical Hawaiian paradise when she can’t face her online Dom, Xander. The reality of the relationship and what she really wants in a man is too much for her to face.

Xander Houston never saw himself as a Dom who would need to look for a submissive on a personals site. But when he encounters a witty and intriguing profile for a submissive named End of Summer, he strikes up a fast friendship with her. Months later, she still refuses to meet him face to face, and he tells her he’s going to take a break.

Coincidentally, both end up in Hawaii on separate vacations. When Xander finds her and figures out who she is, he cooks up a plan to sweep her off her feet, not as a Dom, but just as Xander.

When Summer discovers the truth, will she run away from her secret Dom or will she allowed herself to get carried away?

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The secene was too hot to end.

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I just wanted to give you a taste. Glad you liked it.