Thursday, April 06, 2006

Slowly infiltrating the system, man!

Some people like to Google themselves (I guess they like the tickling sensation they get). Other people, like myself, like to check It's always my hope and dream that I can crack the top 100 on the Amazon list. I'm just tickled to make it in as low as 15,000! Anyway, I check today and I see that my novel, Corporate Seduction, through Midnight Showcase is on sale there now! I'm so giddy that I race over to Barnes and Although they also show Corporate Seduction, they don't have the book for sale. It says they're out of stock or something and to check other bookstores for copies. I'm hoping that'll change soon and they'll start selling it on their site.

I'm just tickled to have not one but two books on sale at! I feel like a real author, angst and all. Now if I could only quit that pesky day job, I would be set. Then again, I would need to be rolling in some dough to do that. No, I'm not talking about literally rolling in dough. You all are some sick monkeys!

Why you sit back and laugh, enjoy some excerpts on my site.

Stay sexy,


CaliMarie said...


I just bought your book today on

And I'm hoping to get many other writers to do the same.

Hopefully, we'll help you rise to the top 100.

CaliMarie said...

By the way, I read the excerpt of Fascination Street and all I have to say is.......WOW!

That first line is something else...immediately drew me in!

You're on fire with this novel, luv.

It's sizzling and BOLD.

You paint such vivid pictures, too.

I love the interracial twist. That's definitely a hot addition to the market. I already love Zora and Grant--fancy seeing them together, hearing their dialogue exchange.

You're soaring, luv. You're absobloodylutely soaring.

I'm so delighted I bought this book. And I can't wait to read more!

You definitely have a new fan! And I'll be seeking out your other works.

Bridget Midway said...

Thank you so much, Cali! I truly appreciate your support. And I'm glad you liked the opening of FASCINATION STREET. *LOL* Hey, with a book like this, you have to start off with a bang...literally!


Faith said...

Way to go!

Cali supports WCP and FB well too, lol.

Cara North said...

Corporate Seduction is on my desk- no not because of the abs(though it helps) but because it is a reminder of the kind of writing I hope to achieve someday (soon!) LOL!

Bridget Midway said...

Thanks, Faith and Cara! Cara, you are waaaaaaay too kind to me!


Indigo said...

Hi Bridget,
I found your site through and one of your fans. I was very impressed with it and it gave me hope. I started writing recently, mostly poetry and short stories. However, in the last three years I starting writing novels, I do this mostly for myself and family and friends who enjoy my work. I've been encourage recently to submit to contests (something I was never into) and publishers for two of my completed novels. Since I've made my writing a solitary endeavor (which only works for monk!) the thought of branching out and making connection is daunting. In finding your site, it has giving me hope that someone would want to read my work beside my Aunt Elma and my crazy co-workers. If your have any suggestions on how to survive this process I would appreciate it. Thank you.