Friday, December 16, 2005

The End...and the beginning!

I'm sure you all have heard me lament over and over and over again how I've been working on the Silly Fears story. I finally buckled down this week and I finished it! Whoo! Hoo! I sent the synopsis and the first 3 chapters to Ocean's Mist Press. Keep your fingers crossed for me. It's more suspense than I've ever written before and it has an interesting twist. I keep calling it a clown erotica because it's just quick and easy to call it that. But if I call it what it should be called, it might give away the twist. If it gets accepted, I'll let you in on the secret.

So I know what you all may be thinking. "Hey, Bridget, now that you finished that story you can relax." I wish! I'm now starting a Christmas story (yeah, yeah, I know) called "Peace, Love and Understanding." Hey, what's so funny about peace, love and understanding? Sorry, couldn't resist. *LOL* In case you're scratching your head about the title, I stole it (quite liberally) from an old Elvis Costello song. I have a thing with songs, don't I? Fascination Street, That's What Friends Are For, "Peace, Love and Understanding." Hmm, problem or niche? I haven't decided yet.

Have you all noticed? I did a little upgrade on my website. I have to do that at least once a week. Go ahead. Look around. Sit down and get comfortable. I'll let you. *LOL* The next time I upgrade the site I'll add excerpts from C-A-I-N and A-B-E-L and my 2 shorts for Midnight Showcase.

Okay, I've played long enough. Time to get to work. I have a book to finish in one day! Agh!

Stay sexy,


Leigh Ellwood said...

Clown erotica...could be the start of a new sub-genre. Watch the greasepaint.

Bridget Midway said...

You never know. I submitted a partial it to Ocean's Mist Press and she's already asking to see the full! Keep your fingers crossed.