Tuesday, December 06, 2005

I've only just begun to fight...

Actually it's not a fight...unless you count the 3 of us: me, myself and I. I'm midway (love that word) through my edits for Fascination Street. This is the first time I've edited something this long. As I reread the story, there's so much I want to add and change now. It's a writer thing. We're always trying to one-up ourselves. *LOL* But I'm hoping in the end I have a story that will be both provocative and appealing. If not, just don't tell me. My weak, little heart can't take it. *LOL*

Other than that, things are going spiffy! Once I'm done with the edits, I'm hoping, God, I'm hoping, I can FINALLY put Silly Fears to rest. No, I'm not talking about my own phobias. I'm talking about my clown erotica I've been working on it seems like forever. I did put a big dent in it and I'm hoping by week ending it should all be done. Then there's the revision period. That should go well though. I don't mind revising as much as I do getting the story down. Revising to me is like decorating the house after it's been built. Then I'm going to try something that'll probably kill me: a book in a day. Gasp! We'll see how it goes.

And speaking of going, I have to head to work. Blah!

Stay sexy,

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