Saturday, June 16, 2012

Sex Scene Saturday: Cherish and Perry

This week's Sex Scene Saturday entry comes from my contemporary interracial BDSM erotic romance novella "Casual Fridays" available in ebook through Loose Id.

This offering is one scene between business excutive Cherish Burke and her executive assistant Perry Stone. After work, their roles change dramatically.

Perry stood and followed his little lamb into the shower stall. He positioned her under the streaming water, dousing her delectable body. He watched as the water sluiced over her curves, and at that moment, he envied the element.

Not to be outdone, he lathered his hands in the body wash and placed his hands on her shoulders. Cherish's body melted as though she wanted him to mold her.

Perry eased his hands down her arms to her hands, where he interlaced his fingers with hers. He rested his chin on her shoulder, then wrapped her arms around her waist. In this position, he saw their future. He imagined a life in which he excelled at work, she continued to rock the business world, and at night and on the weekends she would be his little lamb.

He closed his eyes and let his imagination run wild. He thought about the games they could play, both in private and in public.

For so long he'd dreamed of taking her to a play party or to one of his favorite clubs.

Cherish was not the type of woman who he could trot around on a leash.

Perry closed his eyes and rocked their bodies back and forth. Listening to the hiss of the shower and inhaling the fragrant steam wafting up to his nostrils, he was transported to a place in his mind where the life he wanted could be achieved.

If he wanted Cherish Burke to be his 24-7 submissive, he could have that. If he wanted her to wear vibrating panties as she spoke to the President of the United States, he could do that too. And if he wanted to make love to her, fuck her, he would have her.

As they stood in the shower, he thought about how it would be to have sex with her there. He would caress her body, taking pleasure in exploring every inch, every hard and soft spot, every area that would make her cry out for him.

He would take things slow with her, kissing her with such passion that his knees would buckle. He would slide his tongue into her mouth, allowing her to touch and tease it with her tongue, suck it like she would his cock. Then he would play with her breasts, kneading them, squeezing them until she came or close to it.

When he could no longer stand the waiting, he would gently press her against the wall, put her legs around his waist, and enter her so slowly that it would feel like an eternity. He wanted a moment like that to last, to feel her tight, slick pussy walls surround his dick and hold him until he wanted to submit to her.

As he thrust inside her, he would continue to kiss her. During their real weekend relationship, they shared quick pecks, a kiss on the cheek or on the hand, but nothing deep, passionate, loving.

God, had he actually thought about love? Cherish hadn't thought about love with him. Perry knew that. She demanded to know even the minutest details of all her business dealings while at work. So if she truly loved him, wouldn't she have said so? She never bit her tongue in the past.

Instead of being so gentle, as he had imagined before, he would take her, hard. Still in the shower in his imagination, this time he would place her hands on the wall, bring her ass back and take her from behind, pounding in her so hard that her knees would buckle instead of his.

He would fist her thick hair. Her breasts would jiggle with each motion. And she would do the one thing that would make him come so hard and deep inside her—call out his name, his real name. Not Sir or Master.

Perry's imagination prompted his next actions. One hand drifted down between her thighs. Cherish took a step to the side to allow him access. As his thumb brushed over her soft mound, his middle finger swept over her clit.

Cherish sucked air in between her teeth and pushed her ass back against him. When her backside connected to his now engorged cock, she moaned.

The reaction spurred him on to do more, take more. Perry slid his middle finger inside her. Her wet channel gripped his digit.

Cherish clamped down on his arms. Her shoulder hoisted his head up higher, which meant she probably stood on her tiptoes. If he wanted, he could slide himself inside her right now.

Perry pulled his finger out of her long enough to push her against the stall wall. As wide as Cherish's eyes got, he surmised that he'd either surprised or excited her. Either way, she didn't appear disappointed.

Without saying a word, with just the motion of his hand, he got her to put her foot on the side of the tub, giving him full access to her pussy. Perry stepped closer in between her legs.

Presented with this perfect moment, the perfect woman, and a need so potent it consumed him, Perry wanted so much to enter her, to finally make her his. He held both of her wrists in his hand and held them against the wall over her head. With his other hand, he held his cock.

Perry had her. He had the control. He mastered this situation. And right now, he wanted to possess her body.

He positioned the tip of his penis toward her vagina just as she said, “Do it. Take me. Just fuck me. Please.”

The demand should have prompted him to do what she requested. Instead Perry saw it as another way Cherish showed her control over him. If he fucked her, she would think he did it because she wanted it.

Perry took a step to the side. He released his cock in order to slide his index finger inside her. In response, Cherish ground down on his cock substitute and growled so loudly that he knew the whole floor must have heard her.

As he plunged his finger inside her, she undulated her hips, riding him so hard that Perry didn't have to imagine what it would be like to finally bed this tigress. He brought his lips dangerously close to hers. He ached to taste her.

Fuck! When did the lines blur between him wanting to be her Dom and wishing to be her lover?

Perry slipped a second finger inside her. This time he did catch her standing on tiptoe on the one foot she used to stabilize herself. He wasn't sure if the moisture running down his back came from the showerhead or his sweat from watching this beautiful woman move.

Not wanting to torture her anymore, he pressed his face next to hers and growled, “Come.”

With no more provocation than that, Cherish screamed. She pressed her pussy down onto his fingers and held herself there as she rode her wave of pleasure.

When her breathing evened, Perry eased his fingers out of her. He pressed them against her lips. Watching her lick her own juices prickled his skin.

Cherish stared at him. A smile crept its way up at the corner of her mouth. “Now what?”

Perry had been thinking the same thing. Now what would he do?

He connected gazes with her and said, “Talk.”

Sweating yet? I hope so! Of course there's more between this dynamic duo.

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