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Sex Scene Saturday: Edna and Burton

This week's sexy, sexy sex scene for Sex Scene Saturday comes from my contemporary interracial BDSM erotic romance, Corporate Desires, available in ebook and print through Phaze Books. The hot couple this time is former Domme Edna, aka Madame Z, and her new office manager, Burton McCutcheon. Who said working in an office is boring?

Burton got in Edna’s face. “Tell me what you want, Edna. You want me to take control? Is that it?”

As though she lost her ability to speak, Edna responded with a nod. Her compliance turned Burton’s dick to steel.

“Fine.” He reached under her skirt and hooked his thumbs into the sides of her pantyhose. In one tug, he pulled down her pantyhose and panties. “Take off your shoes.” He pointed to the gauzy black and lace material around her ankles.

For this task, Edna didn’t hesitate. She kicked off her heels and removed the undergarments. Obediently, she waited for the next task.

For the next step, Burton peered down at his pants.

As though he said the command out loud, Edna undid his pants. She lowered his boxers. As soon as she did, Burton took her hand and wrapped it around his shaft.

“Are you wet?” He hoped to God her eagerness matched his.

Again, she nodded. For now, that response would do. Later he would have to come up with a set of rules for her.

“Good.” Burton grabbed her shoulders and spun her around so that she faced his desk. She planted her hands on top of it. Then he moved her legs apart.

“All I need for you to do is listen out for the front door.” Burton pulled up her skirt to her waist. He licked his lips while staring at her rounded ass.

She tried turning her head. “Better said than done. If I’m thinking about who’s coming in the door, I won’t be able to—”

Burton fisted her hair. From her gasp, she must not have expected it. From the way she pushed her ass back into him, she must have wanted more.

In her ear, he growled, “I’m going to fuck you like I should have fucked you last night.”

He held the base of his cock, and in one hard thrust was inside of her. Her pussy welcomed him in a pool of juices. Thank God she wanted this!

Edna showed how much she liked this new side of him by releasing a long, loud cry. Christ, she came already. If Burton didn’t control himself, he would shoot his load just from thinking about it.

“Yeah, that’s it. Feels good, doesn’t it?” Burton’s rhythm stayed consistent, delving in deeper with each plunge.

Edna answered again with a nod, as much as she could with Burton’s tight grip in her hair.

“Say it! I want to hear you say it!”

“Yes, Burton! You feel so good!” She curved her foot around his leg. “Make me come again.”

Burton pumped harder. The muscles in his arms tensed. His sac tightened. Every cell in his body wanted a sweet release inside of her.

He leaned down and whispered in her ear, “Don’t fucking come.”

It would be torture for him also, but now that he had Edna at his mercy, he wouldn’t let her go.

Edna clawed the top of his desk. He felt her trembling. In that moment, he wanted every bit of her, body and soul.

“I need to—need to—”

“Don’t come.” Burton knew deep down the restriction would excite her. Certainly it energized him to watch her squirming, fighting against the need.

“Fuck! Fuck!” She tilted her head and thrust her hips back.

“Not yet, baby.” Burton peered over her head.

In front of the building through the glass doors, he watched Lipsky walking toward the door. A knot formed in Burton’s stomach.

He should have stopped, but no way would he deny Edna her climax.

Come on. As usual, go back to your car because you forgot something.

Lipsky touched the door handle.

Edna reached back and held Burton’s head. The sound, the scent, the touch, Burton could have ripped off all of his clothes right there and continued fucking Edna on top of his desk.

Sweat dripped down Burton’s temple. He watched Lipsky open the first set of doors, then stop before hitting the second set. His boss snapped his fingers and turned around.

Thank God. Burton released a long, haggard breath.

“Tell me what you want. I want to hear it.”

The thick walls of her pussy tightened around him. Burton knew she couldn’t hold out for much longer.

“I—I—I want to come! Please! Let me before Lipsky gets here!”

If she only knew.

“Now, Edna! Now!”

From just his command, Edna screamed as she came. “Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh, God, Burton!”

Listening to her reach orgasm, it took Burton no time in coming deep inside of her. He held himself in her tight pussy, savoring the feeling.

“I wish I could taste you.” Burton slid out of her.

Edna turned to him. A look of wonder filled her eyes. “What’s changed about you?”

Burton pulled up his pants. “I could ask the same thing about you but the boss is here.”

Edna whipped her head around. She must have seen Lipsky at the door. “Shit!” She pulled down her skirt.

“Give me your pantyhose and panties.” Burton held out his hand.

Without question, Edna handed him the garments.

He tucked them in his desk drawer. “Go clean up. I’ll hold him off.”

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