Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Biting nails and promotion ideas

Last night I sent the editor of the first three chapters of Fascination Street, an erotica I've been working on since about mid-February. What am I saying? You all know that if you've been on my website and looked at my calendar, right? *waiting for the sounds of crickets to die down before moving on*

Anyway, I reread and sent them in like good little soldiers. "Fight my battle, honey! Bring me a head on a stick!" Whoops! Wrong battle. Cross your fingers for me, you all, that she digs it and digs the idea of the 4 spinoff stories. Can we say 'securing a steady job'? I knew you could!

I feel so scatterbrained. Did I mention that Erotique Press dug my novella, "Chances"? The editor there asked if I could change a couple of things and if so I could be published with them by July or August of this year. Not bad, huh? Wished my mainstream work went this fast! But that's another story and a whole different persona.

There are a couple of contests coming up and I really need to get my butt in gear and start entering. I can't become a famous author by sitting back and waiting for things to happen.

So that leads me nicely into my next point: promotion. I've been joining sites and begging to be promoted on them. Promoting myself is harder than writing the damn book! But that's my cross to bear, folks. You just have to sit back and enjoy my work.

Okay, not a lot of time on my lunch break so I have to go.

Stay sexy!

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Martijn said...

Bridget, do you mind if I do some promotion on:

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