Saturday, May 21, 2005

The scream heard 'round the world

Talk about ignoring signs and being given a second chance. My poor little laptop, which has been working overtime these last few months, finally went kaput the other day. Earlier in the week, though, I had heard a little grinding noise inside of it. Yeah, the rest of you know what I'm talking about. I just hoped the poor thing had the hiccups. So after leaving it alone over night, I turn it on the next morning to find nothing! And I mean nothing. I freaked. I panicked. I had my nearly completed manuscript for Fascination Street on my hard drive. Let that be a lesson for you kiddies. Always back your stuff up! So after cursing, crying and praying (although I'm sure God was going, "Who is that on my Caller I.D.? I don't recognize that number.") I was given a reprieve the next day when for some strange reason, my computer worked. So, you guessed it, I backed everything up and took as much as I could off of my hard drive. Good thing. The next day it really crashed. No amount of sweet-talking or cursing was going to bring it back to life either.

So I buckled down and went to Comp USA, the devil's playground, and got myself a hard drive and had it installed. I've been spending most of my day loading all of my favorites and other software back onto my computer. Another lesson for you munchins. Don't rely on a computer! Yeah, I say this with a book on e-book and another slated to come out in July or August. I'm a slave to the circuitry. What can I say?

But on the upside, I managed to secure a spot for a booksigning for myself, Laura Bacchi and Leigh Ellwood for July 16th. The spot: The Pink Banana Boutique, a fine adult toy store. I'm excited. There's so much I need to do to get ready for that day.

Just needed to share that before I get back to work. Enjoy your day. Sorry I kept you all up with my screaming and crying...and not the good kind either.

Stay sexy,


Kristen Painter said...

Sucks about your computer but at least you had the forethought to back everything up before it gave up the ghost for good!

The Pink Banana. Why am I not surprised? lol

Bridget Midway said...

Hey, like the saying goes, why does a crook rob banks? That's where the money is. So why would 3 erotica writers go to an adult toy store to do a booksigning. I'll wait while you think about the answer.


Laura said...

Oh honey, I feel for you about the laptop.

Mine! Right in the middle of 150 student reports...arghh.

So if you heard an echo of that scream, it was me!

Bridget Midway said...

Oh my gosh, Rose! How horrible! My sister is a substitute teacher and she's going through the pains of doing SOL's and progress reports and all the "fun" stuff teachers go through right about this time.

You feel for ME? I feel for YOU! Hope all went well with your computer woes.


Laura said...

After the scream...came a sigh of relief...phew!

The techies at work fixed the problem. Would you believe, the wireless network was interfering with the wired network! Go figure.

But I'm back on the job, and just as soon as I get these done, it's back to my WIP.

Bridget Midway said...

That is good news, Rose! If you could just write full time this wouldn't happen. Ahhh, what a dream. *LOL*


Laura Bacchi said...

I do get to wear a mask and funny wig, right? If my boss happens to shop there that day, she'll kick my as...troglide. (Good stuff, by the way. I highly recommend it.)

Bridget Midway said...

Hmmm, who should be more embarrassed by being in The Pink Banana? You, who will be doing a booksiging there or your boss who is probably shopping for a little something for himself? I'd say go without the wig and if your boss shows up, stand up and scream, "You pervert! I knew it! I knew it!" *LOL*


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