Thursday, July 21, 2005

Getting closer to world domination!

Our "Three The Hard Way" booksigning event at The Pink Banana Boutique in Virginia Beach, Virginia went over smashingly well! Got a lot of great feedback from both customers and the sales associates in the store. So pleased was my publisher over the news that she wanted to do another signing there...only bigger! So now we're going to do another signing on November 19th at The Pink Banana and call it In The Pink. Ohhhhh! Sexy, huh? This time there will be more authors. Click this link to see who's on the line-up. You might be surprised!

The day of the signing I met two people from an organization I've been dying to meet. It's called T.I.E.D., Tidewater Individuals Exploring Domination. I sent them a passionate e-mail in April begging them to let me sit in on a meeting because I have BDSM elements in Fascination Street and Interpersonal Skills. I wanted to make sure I had done the scenes correctly. Well I had never heard from them. So when they showed and introduced themselves I was over the moon. Apparently Dama, the PR person for T.I.E.D. and a mistress, had e-mailed me...twice! I never got her mails. So she invited me and Laura Bacchi and Leigh Ellwood to their cookout the next day. I was the only one available the next day so I went and I had a wonderful time! We did something at the cookout, an outside venture if you will, that I will have to include in one of my prequel stories I have planned for Fascination Street. At the end of the day, Dama asked if I would lead a workshop on the erotica publishing market, what publishers are looking for and what to expect. So that's how In The Pink came about. If possible, we would love to hold a workshop the night before the event. Great tie-in, don't you think?

Onto other news, a publisher asked to see the completed manuscript for Fascination Street. Might be that much closer to publication, folks. Keep your fingers crossed.

Okay, I have to go. I've gotten so much flack for not updating my blog. Happy now, Stacy? *LOL*

Oh! I almost forgot! My newest erotic short story is on sale now at Phaze! It's called "Walls". I've gotten one stellar review already. Fame looks good on me. *LOL* It's a big departure from what I normally write. Please check it out.

Stay sexy,


Kristen Painter said...

It's about time you updated! lol

I'm so happy your signing went well - and now you're doing another one! Cool!!

Bridget Midway said...

I know. I'm such a slacker! *LOL* And I'm very excited about this next signing. I'm hoping it goes even better!


Laura Bacchi said...

I hope to go to one of the TIED events one day. Sorry I missed that one. :( Laura AKA Figgy Gurl LOL

Bridget Midway said...

Oh, don't tell them you're a fig girl! They'll show you what it's like! *LOL*