Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Rejection...it's a good thing

So I got 2 rejections yesterday. I thought I would feel really bad about it but I didn't. I guess once you've been rejected as many times as I have (insert 'didn't go to prom joke' here) then it just becomes water off a duck's back or something. Wait. I'm a writer. I need to be original. Uh, it becomes an ankle alarm on Martha Stewart's leg. Damn. No wonder I got rejected! Sheesh!

I had to put things in perspective. I'm writing. I don't do it full time like I want to but I am writing. I sometimes get paid for it. Also a good thing. And I'm happy. I knew I was going to get rejected way before I got the e-mails. But I'm glad I got them because now I feel like I can move on. I did the whole "big pub" thing. I'm really pleased with lighting my own path. And I'm also a firm believer in karma. I'm still rubbing my Cindy Cruciger bag that I still carry in my purse since I got it back in April of this year. It's been good to me so far. That and my undying will to succeed.

Hopefully soon you all will see the cover of my full-length novel, Fascination Street. I just sent in the cover I approved. Just waiting for the art director to approve it and add a Ebony Side icon to it and it'll be done. Then the fun starts: editing. Blah! I've never edited a full-length novel before. This should be interesting.

Okay, have to finish this novella I've been working on for what seems like forever and a day! Wish me luck with it.

Stay sexy!

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