Monday, June 06, 2005

Dance: 10, Looks: 3

The subject line came from a lyric in a song in the musical "A Chorus Line". The song is aptly named "Tits and Ass". Gotta love it. Well, I picked it because I just read a review of my science fiction erotic romance novella, 'Adam and E-V-E'. The reviewer seemed to like everything about my story. She said she liked how the characters developed, the sex scenes were hot (apparently hot enough for the reviewer to reach for a toy and I don't mean a Slinky!) and the story was unique. So why did I get a 3 out of a possible score of 5? So my story made you want to masturbate. You enjoyed the characters. But there was just something you couldn't put your finger on that made you give me an average score. Yeah, I understand...NOT!

I don't know why I'm letting this bother me. It's one score out of, well, so far 3. But I'm working on it! It's just like in high school. I may have had a report card with 5 A's and 1 B and I'll kick myself over the 1 B. It just gives me something to work on for my next book, which by the way may be a sequel to 'Adam and E-V-E'. Stay posted for details.

But for now, I have to get going. There's a chat going on and I'm about to miss it!

Stay sexy,


Mollenkamp said...

Yup. Once we focus on numbers/letters from somebody else, we start to ignore what we were doing in the first place. Do you ever look at the counter on your blog and wonder what you need to do to add just a little more traffic? You aren't any better or worse just because one or two more or fewer people stopped their browsers on your page for a while, but it starts to feel that way.

Bridget Midway said...

There's a counter on my blog? I didn't know that. I've gotten over the whole 3-score thing. Guess that was just my novice showing. But as a debut work, you always want it to just be a hit out of the park. Now I'm on to bigger and better things!

Stay sexy,