Monday, November 21, 2005

Floating dicks, a few sales and a contract...

Well, the "In The Pink" book signing event is over and done with, and I am just winding down. Whew! What a weekend. The whole thing felt like a blur. Whoosh! I did have a great time though. Even though I had seen Devi Sparks and Robin Slick at the Romantic Times convention this past April, it was wonderful to see them again. I finally met fellow Phaze authors Jessie Verino, Jayelle Drewry and Petula Caesar. Pairing up with Leigh Ellwood and my girl, Laura Bacchi felt like old times again. I miss you being local, Laura. The T.I.E.D. folks are going to have a play party some time soon. ;) Just a suggestion.

I was REALLY happy to see my Phaze publisher, Stacey L. King, not because she is my publisher (all hail the great and powerful Stacey!) but because she surprised me by saying that she's going to offer me a contract for the follow-up story to "Adam and E-V-E" called C-A-I-N and A-B-E-L! Talk about your great surprises!

Of course I took lots of pictures of the event. As soon as I get them developed I'll post them on my website. Yes, I'm definitely old school. *LOL* It wouldn't be an event at The Pink Banana Boutique without Mr. Happy (the floating penis) hovering over our heads. I sold 21 books all together. I don't think Nora Roberts has anything to worry about. *LOL* But for me, that was pretty good. And I met a very enthusiastic fan named Cinquetta who found me on Interracial Multicultural Romance Readers. She promised to come down and see me and that she did. I was sorry she didn't win one of the 2 gift baskets, but I really hope she enjoys "Walls" and all the other books she bought at the signing.

I wish I could jaw some more but I have to go. Things to do. Stories to write. Hearts to break. Characters, not my own. *LOL*

Stay sexy,


cinquetta allen said...

Hello Bridget! how are you? I'm still floating on cloud nine. Anytime I think about you i have smile on my face. That was the best day of my life. I enjoy reading WALLS. It was different but I like it. I have fantasy like that but never have it come true, maybe one day (NOT!). Thank you Thank you. I cannot wait for your next story, stay strong and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Bridget Midway said...

Hey Cinquetta,

I'm great! Glad to see you're still floating. *LOL* I'm so glad you enjoyed "Walls". It is a little different. Not a romance but has a lot of hot sex. And I have fantasies about the situations in "Walls" too. But I'm too chicken to do it in real life, which is why I wrote a story about it. *LOL*

Thank YOU! It's readers like you that make publishers want to keep picking up my stories.

I hope you had a happy Thanksgiving also. If you're shopping, please be safe and have fun!