Sunday, November 13, 2005

Still doing my happy dance!

Here's my new cover for my Liquid Silver Books upcoming full-length novel That's What Friends Are For. I'm thrilled with the cover. April Martinez, Liquid Silver Books' cover artist, did an amazing job of capturing what my hero and heroine look like and the tone of the book. I hope this means I'm closer to a release date. I can't wait for this book to come out and Fascination Street and Interpersonal Skills and "The Lesson" and "Suburbia" and "Chances" and "Hired Hand" and...I have too much stuff out there, don't I? *LOL*

Anyway, I'll let you all know when this book is out. Meanwhile, I'm getting ready for my group book signing coming up this Saturday. Gulp! When I arranged this back in July, I thought it couldn't get here fast enough. Now that it's right around the corner, I need more time! *LOL*

If you all can make it to The Pink Banana Boutique in Virginia Beach, Virginia on Saturday, November 19th, I would love to see you there!



Laura said...

Bridget ~ you can never have too much stuff out there! Congratulations.

Leigh Ellwood said...

When do you sleep? Everytime I check this blog you have another book come out. LOL

Bridget Midway said...

Thanks, Laura! I think the best way to promote yourself is to get more work out there so people know you're not a flash in the pan. *LOL*

And Leigh, no matter how many books I write, I will NEVER catch up to you! You're a machine!